Poema do dia

The idiosyncrasy of love love

is unexplainable Men and women,
that is what they believe:
That they had not loved nor been loved.
Poets have also fooled themselves into describing loving they did
not meet
They credit their archetype of invisible affection to the Muse, even
their unknowable, obtuse erudition, hoping to describe
An impossible love; however, by her they have not ever been kissed.
love is unsteady, thoughtless It has no past, no present
Love does not reveal or hide itself Love is a myth,
it is nothing and everything It is shadow and clarity,
at times darkness. Every so often it is grief, prison, necessity.
Love might be fate Some might call it choice
Unwritten romances , tombs of silence, deceiving door
Love is discreet, it does not speak up when it is not solicited
Although It might be a secret in its plans of chaining gods and
delivering Titans.

Evan do Carmo


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